Smart Pro pioneering spirit was kindled on Sept 2010. Today this has metamorphised into one of the Indias leading innovative organization. We continue to live into the values of uncompromising integrity, trust, teamwork and innovation that makes a difference.

Smart Pro as an organisation, our goal is to contribute to society through broad ranging activities in the area of education, science and technology. Individually we aim to combine good citizenship with the courage to innovate.

Design is a collaboration effort between the client and the design team. The Smart Pro customer design provides our customer with higher level of design support. The purpose of this organization is to make customer/client more successful by getting them into the market faster.

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Creative Ideas

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things..


I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and that they may absolutely refuse to move at all.

Design and Development

Design is a collaboration effort between the client and the design team. The Smart Pro customer design provides our customer with higher level of design support. The purpose of this organization is to make customer/client more successful by getting them into the market faster.

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SMART ERP manages your schools day to day business. It allows interaction between students, teachers, parents & management. This software gracefully handles all the cycles of school functionality. The solution is a web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system especially designed considering the expectations and psychology of todays Parents and school management board and challenges Schools come across. It is a highly configurable and scalable complete solution recognized for its comprehensiveness.

We design by “TECH”, You enjoy by “FUN”. For us, development of SMART ERP for Education Industry is an art-form that has evolved through desire. At SMART PRO (, we believe in putting hours of passion to bring on the best of technology, creativity & quality to all our solutions. Each solution gets minute attention. We firmly believe in “Better Management, Better Outcome”, our services are proving it at customer end. Our solutions make institute management a streamlined workflow. We strive to create a win-win situation for all entities around any given educational institution, may it be top management, Staff, Teacher, Student or Parents.


• The conventional system of marking attendance is manually entering attendance in the register and entering the data to the campus automation software requires lot of time, and it can edit easily.

• Everything is paper based which is cumbersome to maintain.

• Require lots of manual work.

• Scope of errors are high.

• Retrieval of data in desired way is so difficult.

• No common platform is available to collect feedback and opinion.

• No common platform for distributing data.

• Analyzing raw and manual data is difficult for future use.


• User Friendly.

• Ready to customize.

• Amazing Support.

• Affordable Pricing.

• Brilliant Developers.

• Web Based.

• Accountability.

• Scalability.

• Transparency.

• Addictive Features.

• Frequent New Modules.

• Graphical Custom Report.

• Secure.

• Back up and Restore Facility.

• Mobile Integration with SMS alerts.

• Advanced User Management.


• Attendance Automation system is very simple, easy to operate and saves time by using wireless technology which avoids manually entering attendance & in turn reduces manpower requirement.

• Exam timetable, notification, shortage of attendance will be sent to students / parents through text SMS and Email.

• Exam / Internals marks will be sent to their respective students and parents through text SMS and E-Mail.

• Student / Parents can get more information about timetable, attendance, notification, marks by sending SMS Keyword or by logging in to their respective student/Parent login ID using Designed web portal.

• Teachers can maintain their particular class student’s marks details and student related all details, so teachers can easily browse through particular student details easily.

• Information Regarding meeting, events, group discussions will be sent to their Respective faculty through web portal and text SMS.

Featured works.

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Lab Equipments

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About us.

Smart Pro is primarily an Electronics Design and Manufacturing Services Concern, based in Bangalore, India. We are involved in academic work, through project guidance for final year projects at graduation and Post Graduation Levels. We specialize in core departments like ECE, EEE, E&I, CS etc.

At Smart Pro, delivering value is a habit. So our students are assured of Quality knowledge and Training. Smart Pro is one of the premier institutions in Bangalore specializing in coaching, mentoring and helping students go in the direction of their career of choice. Since inception in 2010, we have involved in training students and helping them in selection of project topic, completion of projects with students involvement which have received appreciation and recognition and prizes in exhibitions.

Our Process


Our Approach



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“Conversation should touch everything, but should concentrate itself on nothing.”

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